YouTube's Copyright Against Music

GuitarBlog: YouTube's Copyright Against Music...

This week's GuitarBlog covers the nightmares of running a Partnered and Monetized YouTube channel that deals with posting music instructional lessons. 

In doing something like this, there is one terribly frustrating aspect to have to contend with and that is copyright claims. 

According to YouTube policy, you cannot be a Monetized YouTube Partner earning money from your videos, (music lesson videos in this case), if your video content is not 100% "original content." 

That means, no charts, no music, no examples... nothing by anyone other than you! Everything in your video, (all of the screen images and the audio together), must be your own content. And, if it isn't, or even if someone "thinks" it isn't, you'll be hit with a, "Copyright Claim Notice." 

So, to help you understand this, I've put together a screen narration of how this Claim Notice thing works and how in 95% of the cases, it's a total scam!  Enjoy!

YouTube's Copyright Against Music

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