Micro Lesson 217: "C Minor 7th" Arpeggio Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 217"

This Micro Lesson covers a fast-paced "C" Minor 7th Arpeggio lick that operates over two fingerboard positions. 

The Minor 7th arpeggio patterns used for this lesson are excellent shapes for playing fast minor licks across the guitar neck. In this Micro-Lesson we are using the 2nd and 10th position "Minor 7th" arpeggio shapes in the key of "C." 

In the first half of this lick we're starting from the 5th string in 3rd position with multiple position shifts. The first one takes place into 5th, then to 8th position using slides to make for  smooth transitions. 

The second half of this lick applies a lofty position shift all the way up the neck to 10th position. Once there, we're taking the arpeggio from off of the 4th string and transitioning higher up the neck with a slide on the second string. 

A turnaround occurs up on the 1st string using two pull-offs to bring the lick down onto 3rd string and resolve into the 3rd strings 12th fret "G" tone (the arpeggio's 5th degree). 

The lick sounds great either slow or fast. But, be careful of knowing your fingerings quite well when building up the speed. The various shifts occur rather quickly once the pace of the lick increases. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 217: "C Minor 7th" Arpeggio Lick