Micro Lesson 208: "A Dorian" Jazz-Fusion Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 208"

This Micro Lesson runs through a fast-paced Jazz-Fusion style lick in the minor mode of "A Dorian." 

Dorian is the second mode of the Major scale, and exibits the tonality of "Minor." The "A Dorian" mode comes from the "G Major" scale. The lick operates using a majority of sixteenth-notes, which makes it quite a fast moving phrase when played up to speed. 

Even though it is only two measures long, there is a lot to watch for along the way when initially studying it. Beginning at the seventh fret of the 4th string, this first part of our lick surrounds a chromatic segment of "A Dorian" mode, taking this concept up to our 3rd string. A brief resolution occurs into the fifth chord tone of the, "Am7," chord at the end of measure one. 

In measure two, the 2nd string gets some nice bends with pull-off's bringing on a position shift down to the fifth position. At this point the phrase resolves into the intervals of a 6th and a 9th related to the underlying second measure chord of, "E Dominant 7th."

When it comes to performing this lick and building it's speed, be careful of the chromatic sections if playing outside of scales is new to you. Even though this approach is popular to Jazz-Fusion, many students just learning this style will feel that, "outside," tones will sound "off-base," from the key's diatonic tones. And, although this eventually becomes easier to hear, it initially does take some getting used to. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 208: "A Dorian" Jazz-Fusion Lick