How to Compose Strong Melody

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This week's GuitarBlog covers a "How to Compose Strong Melody,"  through repeating phrases.

When melodies, or rhythm guitar riffs /grooves repeat a lot, they can achieve a kind of, 'hypnotic,' result. They generally follow a fairly typical approach in their structure when doing so. 

The method used here is based on taking a primary melodic statement and then building it through layering and repetition. However, what can spark an "interesting twist" for the listener, is what happens in respect to how the composer, "turns the phrase around." 

This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. In this lesson, I will run through how to establish a repetitive statement, and then, I'll break down options for making the melody idea strong - creating a repetitive "hypnotic-style" effect with the part.

How to Compose Strong Melody

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