Micro Lesson 221: "F Blues" Blues-Rock Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 221"

This Micro-Lesson covers a "quick and flashy" attention getting lick from the "F Blues" scale. 

This lick is set within a "Shuffle-Rhythm" feel and operates from the 6th fingerboard position at 5th guitar string. The initial start to the lick is somewhat slower paced and steadily ascends from 5th to the 3rd string using a recurring pattern. 
Eighth-notes anchor the run across the first two measures.

The lick takes a separate turn into the final stretch covering a series of eighth-note triplets with additional sixteenth-note runs. This creates a burst of speed entering at the end of the third measure and into the fourth. The speed really grabs the attention of the listener and sounds very cool as the lick doubles back to resolve where it began at 5th string. 

As with any faster lick, take your time learning the fingering and the feel of the part. Phrasing with any speed lick needs to begin only after the ideas are committed to memory. As always, use your metronome to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 221: "F Blues" Blues-Rock Lick