Micro Lesson 212: "C Major" II V III VI Jazz Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 212"

This Micro-Lesson involves playing through a traditional set of jazz harmony chords as a, II-V-III-VI progression in the key of, "C Major." 

Starting in the 5th position, off of the 5th string's root, we begin on, "C Major's," II-chord of, "Dm7." Next, applying the feel of a "Swing Rhythm," we head to the V-chord of the key with a, "G7," chord. 

In measure two, we move into the key's, III-chord of "Em7" and then into the VI-chord. In this case, the VI-chord is a Secondary Dominant chord, (it's quality has however been switched from, "Minor," over to, "Dominant Seventh"). 

In addition to the change in quality, we also have an altered tone added to the chord in the form of a, "raised 5th." In the third measure we find a return to the II-V progression, with the II-chord, "Dm7," and the key's Vth chord, "G7." 

However, once again we encounter another raised 5th on the "G" dominant 7 chord giving us a, "G7+5." The progression resolves into the keys Tonic chord of, "C maj7." This is a great run of chords if playing jazz is new to you. Take your time if the chords are found to be challenging. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 212: "C Major" II V III VI Jazz Progression