Micro Lesson 219: "A Minor" Pop-Rock Style Intro.

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 219"

This Micro Lesson breaks down a Pop-Rock Style song intro. riff from the key of "A Minor." 

The riff operates off of using a pedal of the 5th guitar string open "A." This string not only works to carry the low-end of this phrase, but also to anchor the key center's tonic and to form a harmony using a series of descending scale tones on the 4th guitar string. 

In measure one, the open "A" string enters followed by a simple fifth-interval arpeggio idea across an "A5" chord. In measure two this idea continues down a whole-step off of the "G5" chord. In measure three, there is further continuation of this idea with the line heading down to the VI-chord of the key (F5). 

Throughout each of these measures, further support is offered to those chords, (A5, G5, F5), by way of short melodic concepts played from off of our 2nd string. The turnaround idea in measure four is a simple "A5" riff that involves a hammer-on concept from our open 4th and 3rd strings. 

This lesson in Pop-Rock intro. phrases is a nice melodic idea that's fun to learn, very common sounding and one that can be brought up to a decent level of skill in a fairly short period of time. 

Use a metronome or drum machine to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 219: "A Minor" Pop-Rock Style Intro.