Micro Lesson 216: "G Major" Open-G Tuning Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 216"

This Micro Lesson explores the fantastic sounds of "G Open Tuning," with a fun to play riff in the key of "G Major." 

Open "G" tuning applies a lowered 6th and 5th string, as well as, a lowered 1st string with each being dropped down by a whole-step. This changes the guitar's standard tuning from the typical, "E, A. D, G, B, E." to an open chord style effect of, "D, G, D, G, B, D." 

The riff begins by way of an eighth-note strum from our open inner strings and leads to a two-string barre at the third fret. A 2nd string lick takes us into more double-stop's and brings in the second measure. 

Here, (in measure two), we find a few more licks that take advantage of the open 4th and 5th strings. This leads us into a turnaround concept that highlights our return back to the open "G" chord, (as we had used in measure one). 

However, measure three adds some nice slides on both 3rd and 4th strings with a target tone of the open, "G," 3rd string to balance out each the licks. 

Measure four is a great example of how much fun open tuning can be with lot's of open-string highlights centered upon the resolution of both slide and pull-off licks to all of the five top open string strings, (1st through 5th strings). 

Use a tuner to establish this tuning format. And, take your time developing the abundance of slide phrases in each of the various fret-board locations. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 216: "G Major" Open-G Tuning Riff