Micro Lesson 218: "E Mixolydian" Classic Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 218"

This Micro-Lesson covers a Classic Rock riff from the, "E Mixolydian," mode. The riff is based upon the open, "E" 6th string, and includes a series of triads played around some notes out of the, "E Mixolydian Scale." 

The Mixolydian Scale is one of the modes of the major scale. It is built from off of the 5th degree of the major. The "E Mixolydian" mode comes from the 5th degree of an, "A Major" scale. 

In the riff from this Micro Lesson we begin from an open 6th string "E" and then hit upon the 4th string triad of the "E Major" chord. This occurs with the help of an added suspended tone, generating the sound of an "E sus4" chord. 

Measure two contains a short lick from the scale of, "E Mixolydian," which focuses upon a select few double-stop chords.

In measure three, we move through the chords of, "F# minor," "E major," and "D major." These chords help lead us into our final measure where the "A major" chord operates as a IV-chord to I-chord resolution into the modes tonic chord. 

The chords and licks in this riff are not overly challenging, but they will require practice based on how familiar they feel. Some work will likely be necessary before the riff's speed can be brought up to the best levels for generating the right type of overall feel for this style. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 218: "E Mixolydian" Classic Rock Riff