Micro Lesson 209: "C Mixolydian" Modal Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 209"

This Micro Lesson explores the sounds of the "Mixolydian Mode" with a melody line from "C Mixolydian." 

This melody starts with a full-step bend off of the 15th fret of the second string. After the bend, scale tones follow-up the next phrase into the tonic of the scale (C). 

A unique modal sound occurs at this point by way of a sustain of the tonic note over the 7th chord of the Mixolydian mode (in this case a "Bb" major). Although this may seem strange theoretically, (since "C" is not a chord tone of that "Bb" chord), it does offer up an interesting sound for the melody against the harmony. 

The melody carries on next through a rapid hammer-on / pull-off / slide lick that descends into our third measure.  Here, the melody takes on a more arpeggiated concept by way of the serious targeting of chord tones. The notes of "G, C and Bb" are target tones throughout this measure. 

The phrase wraps up by applying the major 3rd and the root of the key center, (C). Take your time memorizing the line. It is not a technically challenging idea, but it may take some study to bring up to speed and become fully developed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 209: "C Mixolydian" Modal Melody