Micro Lesson 207: "D Minor" Arpeggio Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 207"

This Micro Lesson covers the use of small arpeggios within the key of "D Minor" to create an arpeggio melody line. 

The arpeggio melody functions around a drone-bass note off of the open 4th string "D." Under this constant drone we find small two-note arpeggiated ideas presented in a way that end up highlighting small segments of each moving harmony. 

In measure one, the "D Minor" chord starts this descending progression, but this chord quickly drops down the neck horizontally introducing new chord types. These new chords include the "C Major" as well as, the "Bb Major." 

In measure two we find a turnaround idea on our "C Major" chord acting with a sustain. Measure three starts a fresh new line, however this part ascends through one of the same chords we saw before, (Bb Major) and we are introduced to a new arpeggio covering a "G Major" harmony. 

Measure four introduces the final turnaround phrase, operating once again off of the "C Major" harmony. This entire arpeggio melody is fairly easy to perform. Just be sure to arch up your fretting hand's knuckles to provide clearance for each arpeggios notes to "let ring." Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 207: "D Minor" Arpeggio Melody