Micro Lesson 215: "Bb Major" Jazz-Swing Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 215"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a fairly basic "Jazz-Swing" melody line in the key of, "Bb Major." 

The melody begins by running through a three note, "Bb Major," arpeggio. A hammer-on then brings in the note of, "D," (which is a strong tone since it is the 3rd of the tonic chord and the 5th of the VI-chord of "Gm7." 

Into the second measure we find a target tone of our key's V-chord. "F7." The target is the. "F7." chords "minor 7th," degree of, "Eb." 

Into the third measure we find a nice chromatic idea that highlights scale tones related to the key's IV-chord of "Ebmaj7." The next phrase targets the minor 3rd chord tone of the next chord "Dm7." 

Our fourth and final measure introduces an arpeggio built from off of the turnaround chord, "F7." The phrases within this melody are all manageable. Most players with even intermediate skills should have no issues performing the lines. 

Take your time understanding the fingerings and memorize the lines for the entire melody prior to working at speeding up the parts. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 215: "Bb Major" Jazz-Swing Melody