Micro Lesson 211: "D Minor" 70's Soul-Jazz Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 211"

This Micro Lesson works through a 1970's "Soul-Jazz" guitar riff in the key of "D Minor." 

The riff begins with a short pick-up phrase that covers the 2nd and 3rd strings in 8th position. It brings in the key's tonic note of "D" in measure one. 

The "Dm7" chord appears next and takes us into a "C/D" chord. These measures repeat and then the "Bbmaj7" appears in the riffs second half. At this point the riff starts heading back to the tonal center by way of some, "Am" harmony. 

This happens through the appearance of two "Am" quality chords. They are, "Am7" and "Am11." After these chords, the tonic chord of, "Dm7" appears to resolve the idea back to the tonic once again. After this point, the lick that acted as the pick-up phrase comes back once more and allows the riff to loop. 

This riff will be fairly easy to perform if you are familiar with the various chords used throughout. However, if these chords are unfamiliar, then you will need to learn their voicings on the neck and master their fingering technique prior to building up speed. Take your time, never rush, and always play at the rate and pace which you can play the piece perfectly. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 211: "D Minor" 70's Soul-Jazz Riff