Micro Lesson 214: "C Minor" Blues Scale Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 214"

This Micro-Lesson explores the application of the, "Blues Scale," within a minor tonality format in the key signature of, "C Minor." 

The Blues Scale is simply a standard, "Minor Pentatonic," scale with an added diminished 5th interval. In this Micro-Lesson we take the notes of a, "C," Blues Scale and create a guitar lick that covers the 8th to 12th position on the neck. 

In measure one, we find an opening full-step bend on the 3rd string with fast slides around the diminished 5th interval. The line moves between 2nd and 4th strings with a number of slide and pull-off ideas. Measure two, opens with the tonic and minor 3rd bringing in another walk through the diminished 5th. Measure three takes us into the wrap up of the part with one last chromatic phrase taking up the advantage of the diminished passing tone on the 3rd string.

While the passing tones and the work highlighting the lowered 5th are a big part of what makes this lick Bluesy, the embellishments are equally important. Practice getting nice smooth bends, slides, and pull-offs across this part. The lick is a lot of fun and will introduce a number of efficient ways to include the "Blues Scale" on minor tonality sounds. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 214: "C Minor" Blues Scale Lick