Micro Lesson 213: "Bb Major" Classical (Chopin Style) Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 213"

This Micro Lesson works through a short classically inspired melody in the key of, "Bb," Major played in the style of, "Chopin." 

The melody is in 3/4 time signature and applies a mixture of eighth and sixteenth notes from the notes of the, "Bb Major Scale." Beginning in the 5th position, off of the 3rd guitar string, our melody starts with a sixteenth-note phrase that leads to a sequence in measures two and three. 

In measure three, the phrase prepares for the ending that brings in the tonic of the key, "Bb." The combination of sequenced ideas and 'lead in' phrases makes for a close resemblance to melodies found within Chopin's famous piece, "Polonaise." 

Take your time and memorize this short melody exercise piece prior to building up the speed. Be sure to fully comprehend the entire melodic contour, as well as, the guitar fingering patterns for each phrase. 

When your familiarity of the melody becomes well established, turn on a metronome to take the tempo higher. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 213: "Bb Major" Classical (Chopin Style) Melody