Minor Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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This week's GuitarBlog covers a "Minor Pentatonic Guitar Solo." 

When a guitar student begins spending their time learning scale patterns and developing the required technique to play them easily, they also need to start applying that information as soon as possible. 

And, although learning a few guitar licks and a couple of riffs can be a pretty good start, what really challenges the student (and eventually brings their guitar playing up to a much higher level of skill), will be learning longer lead guitar lines. 

The "lead guitar solo" will combine several licks (and longer melodic runs) into full solos. that will end up really. This week's lesson contains a 12-bar Minor Pentatonic Guitar Solo that is intended to help start players off on a path for further developing the Minor Pentatonic Scale on the guitar. 

Throughout the solo, there are different techniques, rhythms and fingerboard locations to learn how to navigate. Take your time developing each idea and commit the parts to memory prior to building the speed.

Above all else, don't stop here - with this lesson. Learn as many guitar solos as you possibly can. It will help with so many areas of your guitar playing and that will make all of the work so well worth it. Enjoy!

Minor Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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