Micro Lesson 290: "D Minor" Pop-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 290"

This Micro-Lesson explores a Pop-Rock style guitar riff in the key of "D Minor." 

The riff applies mostly power chords which are mixed against single-note-line runs. The first measure sets up the key center with a, "D Power-Chord," (D5), moving through to an "A5," and finally to a two-note "F Major" interval. 

The second measure brings in a single-tone joining riff using the notes of the, "D Natural Minor" scale. This single-note line moves rapidly through the scale tones with a sixteenth-note triplet at it's core. 

In the third measure, the initial power-chord riff we started with (back in measure one) returns with a fresh ending into a "Bb5." This takes us into the fourth measure where we wrap things up into a unique phrase that employs more, "D Minor," scale tones and allows for the riff to either repeat or make a break through the riff and create a looped phrase. 

The overall technique involved with this riff is minimal. As long as the basic power-chord concept is manageable for a guitarist, then the riff should be able to be brought up to speed easily. Take your time learning the single-note licks. They do involve some faster playing. Work with a clean sound on your amp at first, then switch on the amps distortion /overdrive. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 290: "D Minor" Pop-Rock Riff