Micro Lesson 288: "D Minor" Soul /R&B Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 288"

This Micro Lesson covers a Soul /R and B groove in the key of, "D Minor." 

The progression uses the chords built off of the keys; IV-chord (G Minor), the III-chord (F Major), and the Tonic Chord of the key, (D Minor). 

The extension of an, "11th," is applied on the Tonic and IV-chord. In measure one, the "G Minor" chord starts off the groove with the 11th extension applied upon the up-beat of the count of, "two." A single-note line wraps-up the measure bringing us up into measure two. Here, the "F maj7" chord appears first thing in measure two, along with the Tonic chord of, "Dm7." Another ending phrase, (this time a double-stop idea), appears at the up-beat of the count of, "four," to bring us into measure three. 

Measure three, establishes a return to the phrase applied in measure one off of the, "G Minor." Different passing tones are however applied at the end of this bar to bring in an arpeggio idea based off of the Tonic Chord. The progression is set-up so that it can either loop around, or possibly wrap-up by way of ending on the Tonic. 

The right-hand technique of this groove could be performed either Hybrid-picked, or by using finger-plucking. In the recordings made for this lesson, the groove was recorded each time using finger-picking. A plucking style in respect to "Folk-Fingerpicking" was applied, (this is the use of the; thumb, index and middle fingers only). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 288: "D Minor" Soul /R and B Groove