Micro Lesson 284: "F Major" Soft-Rock Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 284"

Micro Lesson 284
This Micro Lesson works through a Soft-Rock style chord progression in the key of, "F Major." 

The guitar riff begins in the first measure by striking an, "F Major 7th," chord played in the 5th position. The second half of the measure brings in the key's IV-chord of, "Bb Major." 

At this point the phrase pushes into the second measure by way of a 16th-note scale run under the harmony of a "C Major" chord. This measure wraps-up by blending the scale tones of, "F" and, "C" under the 3rd string open, "G." This two-note harmony carries into the third measure where we find a short, "sixth interval," riff under a harmony of, "Gm," and, "Am," chords. 

The phrase begins the final completion with a very brief 8th-note scale run into the turnaround measure. This turnaround is unique since it consists of a change in the riffs time signature. A single measure of 2/4 time is used to turn the progression around back to the top. It's a very smooth sound that isn't applied all too often in Rock and Pop music, but can be quite useful to create a smooth ending or provide the completion of a song segment. 

Most of this riff is quite basic in it's overall feel and level of technique. Plus, the working tempo is fairly slow. This should make things easier to develop up to tempo. Take your time and learn any unfamiliar chord shapes or scale lines prior to building speed. Otherwise, enjoy learning this chord riff.

Micro Lesson 284: "F Major" Soft-Rock Guitar Riff