Micro Lesson 283: "A Minor" 16th-Note Speed-Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 283"

Micro-Lesson 283
This Micro Lesson covers a key of, "A Minor," 16th-note speed lick that quickly travels along the guitar neck horizontally from the 12th position to the 2nd position. 

Guitar licks that work their way along the neck this rapidly, (shifting positions laterally as they travel along), are not just fun to play - they look cool, and they generally sound 'very flashy' as well. 

This Micro-Lesson's lateral speed- lick operates using a harmonized technique of double-stop intervals in the key of "A Minor." The intervals are targeted between the 3rd and 2nd guitar strings and they move quickly, shifting by way of slides. The start of the line begins at the 12th position and works its way along 3rd string using a slide idea to allow the shifts to occur easily along the fingerboard. 

If Hybrid Picking is applied, the upper notes can be attacked with greater ease (and greater speed), using the picking hand's middle finger. The guitar pick can function to repeatedly play the lines lower 3rd string. This will isolate each attack to having it's own motor-movement. Thus, greatly increasing the overall speed of the line. I use this approach to perform the lick in the Micro-Lesson example video.  

When the second measure enters, the lick starts to wrap-up. This second measure demonstrates a percussive "punchy" feel with staggered 16th-notes. After the percussive attacks are played, we move into a 1/2 step bend idea with a pull-off that completes the part by walking down the scale into the key's Tonic note of, "A," (on the 3rd string 2nd fret). 

Take your time learning the lick prior to building up the speed. Once the entire lick is committed to memory, you can then begin ripping it up to super-sonic tempos! Enjoy.

Micro Lesson 283: "A Minor" 16th-Note Speed-Lick