Micro Lesson 289: "G Major" New Age Chord-Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 289"

This Micro Lesson works through a dreamy New-Age chord progression in the key of, "G Major." 

New Age guitar instrumental music is most famous for it's open ringing chords with sounds of; rain-drops, frogs, crickets and streams flowing in the background. The chord changes are often fairly straight-forward in this style and will often function in the major keys. The use of extended, suspended and added chord tones will create what people will call a, "Dreamy New Age" effect. 

In this Micro-Lesson the focus is placed upon the use of open string chord ideas ringing in behind of the harmonies of; suspended, major 6, and add2 chord types. 

In measure one, the  "V-chord" of "D" appears with a suspended 2nd. It gets highlighted with the open 4th and 1st strings. In measure two, the IV-chord of "C Major 6th" appears with another application of the open 1st string. Measure three, brings in the keys "Tonic Chord" of "G Major. The dreamy open effect is presented by adding a 2nd degree on the "G Major" chord (A note). The open string effect is maintained by way of an open 4th string "D." 

The progression wraps-up by bringing back the IV-chord again. This time the "C Major" chord is not appearing with it's proper (Major) quality. Instead, it is suspended with a, "sus2," idea. The open-string effect remains by way of an "open 4th and 3rd" string. 

When it comes to the playing of this chord riff, it should be a fairly straight-forward progression to learn and develop in a short time. Some of the stretches may be somewhat challenging, but with study and practice the shapes will come together over time. I suggest using folk-fingerstyle technique to perform the chord arpeggios. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 289: "G Major" New Age Chord-Riff