Micro Lesson 274: "G Minor" Melodic Interval Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 274"

This Micro Lesson breaks down a speedy  two-measure melodic interval phrase from the key of, "G Minor." 

The melodic line begins with pedal-point intervals off of the 4th string's fifth fret position of the "G Minor" Scale. The line builds up into the second half of the bar and sequences through this range of the mid register for "G Minor" scale tones. 

At the start of the second measure, the VI-chord's seventh arpeggio of "Eb Maj.7," brings in the measure. This melody line runs through the first half of the measure covering the underlying chord for the moment of "Eb Major." The end phrase works through more scale tones with an emphasis upon the actual chord tones of the underlying chord of, "F Major." 

All across this melodic phrase we apply rapid 16th-notes. Only one pause occurs within the run at the middle of the first measure. Otherwise, the phrase is rapid and must be well memorized prior to building up the speed. 

In performing the part, players can use either all strictly alternate picking, (I demonstrate this through the "up to speed" segment of the video). However, another approach is the use of Hybrid picking on the pedal-point part located in the first measure. I demonstrated the riff this way during the audio segment at the very beginning of the video. I hope you enjoy learning the riff.

Micro Lesson 274: "G Minor" Melodic Interval Riff