Micro Lesson 282: "D Minor" Rhythm Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 282"

This Micro Lesson explores a really Groovy rhythmic idea that applies catchy passing lick phrases around the chords in the key center of, "D Minor." 

The groove uses a combination of 7th quality chords and power-chords to produce an interesting (and fun) sounding harmony. Filler lines link each chord idea by entering in at the 4th beat of the measures until the final pass where power-chords take over and pull the groove back into the top. 

The phrasing is accomplished using a mix of 16th-notes, 8th-notes and quarter-notes. Some variations to straight time feel are applied through the 16th's and every down-beat of beat 'three' in the groove is lost by way of a tie from the up-beat of the count of "two." 

The groove begins on the tonic chord of "Dm7." The tonic chord is then suspended, but the 7th degree is maintained producing a variant of the, "D sus" chord harmony. Measure two, applies the key's VI-chord (Bbmaj7) and follows things up with the key's V-chord of, "Am7." 

The final ending, (ending 2), is a lot punchier with the appearance of a series of "power-chords." The chord's of "A5, Bb5 and C5," are bringing up the last push of the grooves feel by creating more impact into the end of the riff. The feel that is generated within this power-chord segment allows for either the completion of the part, or (if desired) a loop of the entire rhythm progression. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 282: "D Minor" Rhythm Groove