Micro Lesson 286: "F Minor" Flashy Speed-Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 286"

Micro Lesson 286
This Micro Lesson works through a fast-paced speed lick in the key of "F Minor." 

The lick is made up of all 16th-notes and works it's way through the 8th position. Since it remains for the most part in one area, it should be fairly easy to build up to a very quick pace. 

Another bonus to learning this lick is the abundance of hammer-on's and pull-off's. When ever we attain speed using articulations like this, it will allow for an easier move to faster tempos as opposed to a lick that would require strict alternate picking technique. 

The start of this lick occurs up on the 1st guitar string at the 8th fret. There's a hammer-on /pull-off idea into the 2nd string. And, at the 2nd string, the idea builds through a double pull-off and heads to the 10th fret of the 4th string. 

This string is only used for a moment and then we head back to the 2nd string for another hammer-on /pull-off of the 8th and 10th frets. After that, we head directly back to the 3rd string for a pull-off of 10th to 8th frets. 

Next, is a quick move into the 4th string /10th fret with an immediate move back to the 3rd string for one more 8th to 10th fret pull-off. 

This brings us to the licks completion where the 4th string -  8th fret slides down to the minor third of the, "F Minor" tonic chord, (Ab). This tone (Ab) marks the resolution of the lick. 

Using this Minor Third, (Ab), a nice change from all of the more common resolutions into the most popular root resolution. 

Have fun memorizing this lick, and be sure to bring it up to speed. It's a great quick little flashy number that can work fantastic on any Minor chord! Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 286: "F Minor" Flashy Speed-Lick