Dorian Scale Guitar Soloing

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This week's GuitarBlog covers how to better target the unique color tones of the Dorian Mode. 

Most guitarists who begin working on the Dorian Mode have trouble correctly applying the unique tone of the scale, (which is the scales raised 6th). It is a problem I've seen time and time again. The guitarist wants to instinctively keep playing that lowered 6th from the Natural Minor, (thus causing a clash of chord tones over Dorian Mode harmonies). 

If a lowered 6th clashes against Dorian's raised 6th tone, it sounds terrible. So, in this video, I'll run through a few ways that you can better target the correct tones of the Dorian Mode. And, in the end, start sounding  a lot better when you jam on the Dorian mode. Enjoy the lesson!

Dorian Scale Guitar Soloing

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