Micro Lesson 279: "E Minor" Blues-Rock Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 279"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a longer more flowing lick in one of the most popular Guitar keys, "E Minor." 

It is set in a largely around the, "E Minor Pentatonic," scale's sound and fits into the "Blues-Rock" style of playing.

The flow of this lick moves across the neck from 8th to 5th frets. Beginning from up at the, second string, 10th fret, we start with a bend release pull-off lick that uses the, "E Minor Pentatonic," to move from the 2nd string into a resolution at the 9th fret of third string "E" in the second measure. 

At this point we find the lick's pattern flowing in a descending move across more of the, "E Minor Pentatonic," scale from the 3rd string to 6th. Position shifts are made with slide and pull-off's. At the third measure, we begin a new ascending run from the 5th string up to 4th using double-picking. The phrase wraps up into the, "E Minor," chord's minor 3rd interval of, "G." 

The entire line must happen quickly, and it must flow well. This will mean that each part will have to be well memorized prior to building up the overall speed. After the positions are well developed, (and the lick is committed to memory), turn on a metronome and build the speed up faster, (to around 120 bpm initially). Afterward, try and transpose the lick laterally into another fingerboard position to involve placing the lick into a new key signature, while retaining the same fingering and note layouts. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 279: "E Minor" Blues-Rock Lick