Micro Lesson 275: "Bb Major" Jazz-Fusion Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 275"

This Micro Lesson runs through the groovy chord changes of a Jazz-Fusion style progression from within the key of, "Bb Major." 

The progression begins upon the key's Tonic Chord of, "Bb maj7." The punches flow through the key in a  syncopated manner with each new chord arriving on the up-beat of the count. On the first measures up-beat of "two," we have the IV-chord appear, (which is the chord of "Eb maj7").  On the up-beat of "four" we find the keys III-chord of "Dm7." Into the second measure, our keys; VI-chord appears on the up-beat of two. 

Things change harmonically at the end of that fourth measure, since there is a, "Modal Interchange," chord appearing on the up-beat of "four." The chord is a, "bVII maj7," chord. Specifically, in the key center, this gives us a chord type of, "Ab maj7." 

In the final measure, we get a single-note lick /scale line appearing which uses notes pulled from scale tone highlights of the "Ab maj7." This melodic phrase operates nicely to complete the progression and at the same time pull us back around once again to the top of the groove. 

If a majority of these chords are new to you, you will quite likely need some time spent on them to bring them up to par technically in your playing. If they are fairly well-known, then grab a metronome once the progression is memorized and build the speed of the groove. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 275: "Bb Major" Jazz-Fusion Groove