Micro Lesson 285: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 285"

Micro-Lesson 285
This Micro Lesson explores a, "Key of C," Blues Guitar Lick using both, "C Minor Pentatonic," and the, "C Blues Scale." 

The lick travels ascending along between strings three to one. Beginning at the 4th position on the 2nd string, the lick starts with a bend /release idea that flows through the notes of the "C Minor Pentatonic." 

We get out of the 4th position by the end of measure one and shift up the neck into the 6th position using a slide. Here we begin working through more notes of the, "C Minor Pentatonic," in the 6th position. 

As we shift into the second measure the lick jumps yet one position further up the neck. Now, we're in the 8th position and we begin working on the, "C Blues Scale." This 8th position pattern of the, "C Blues," is one of the most well known and widely used scales on guitar. 

In this position, the lick uses a series of Hammer-ons and Pull-offs to rip out a quick 16th-note idea in this area. At the licks completion, we find a trill spinning between the 3rd strings 8th and 9th frets. The trill lasts for a, 'beat and a 1/2.' 

The final tone resolving the lick is the key's Tonic note of, "C." The line wraps up here and forms a solid connection to the tonal center of the idea. This lick should come together quickly for most players. The licks position shifts are all fairly easy to execute and fall nicely under the fingers. 

Overall, these scale patterns are some of the popular guitar scales used on the instrument for several musical styles, (including Blues). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 285: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick


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