W.A.S.P. Guitarist Releases Bizarre New Music Video!

Chris Holmes, (former guitarist of '80s metal mainstays W.A.S.P.), has released the video for his new heavy metal single "Let It Roar," and boy is it something...

Made on a shoestring budget and featuring a bizarre assemblage of scenes that really have no place in a hard rock or heavy metal video, "Let It Roar" is already a contender for worst vid of the year.

As the guys over at Metal Injection have noted, nothing says hard rock like clips of the denim and leather clad Holmes wandering around picturesque rural France, eating ice cream, feeding his dog and fishing.(???).

While you'd hope that Holmes was approaching the video with his tongue firmly in his cheek, we can't help but feel that this clip was produced in a painfully serious, totally non-ironic way.

Holmes, after all, is the man who claimed that he had moved to France because black culture has ruined American heavy metal, so it wouldn't surprise us if he thought that a clip of him swanning around eating ice cream in rural France was totally hardcore.

A founding member of W.A.S.P., Holmes played with the band from 1982-1990 and again from 1996-2001. He is perhaps best known for his drunken appearance in the documentary "The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years." Contrasting the light tone of the rest of the film, the clearly intoxicated Holmes described himself as a "full-blown alcoholic" and a "piece of crap" during the interview, while drinking from three bottles of vodka. He was interviewed floating in a swimming pool while his mother looked on at him disapprovingly.