The Grammy's - Best Metal Performance: "A Hollywood Vanity Act"

Rock and Metal fans are scratching their heads from the recent Grammy winner for best Metal Performance...

Millions of metal fans world-wide are trying to figure out exactly why a tired washed-up meaningless joke band won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance. And, to add to this insult, for performing a really bad cover nonetheless.

Further to that, a cover which appeared on the same tribute compilation as one of the other songs nominated. WTF???

According to "The Grammy's" the best Metal Performance goes to Hollywood Joke-Band and washed-up vanity act, "Tenacious D." Their last record, 2012's Rize of the Fenix, was nominated for a Grammy, too. For Best Comedy Album. Because... (as we all know) they are nothing more than a joke band.

So, when faced with a handful of relevant, popular, respectable bands, the Grammy officials whipped out their thinking caps and passed judgement. 

They were given the choice between Motorhead — incredibly influential, universally beloved Metal LEGENDS who released a killer new record FORTY YEARS after they first formed — and a stupid, mindless, washed-up vanity project from two dumb Hollywood funnymen (idiots) who have written such moronic genre-defining hits as, “They F#@ked Our Asses.” ...Guess who they chose... Tenacious D, a pathetic vanity project that hasn't been relevant for over a decade.

Meanwhile, in Norway, an incredibly promising, progressive metal band called Execration (whose star has just begun to rise) won Norway's highest musical honor, the Spellemanprisen. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Grammy's could do the same, (actually honor quality work by "real" musicians)?

In respect to Motorhead (the Grammy nominee for best Metal Performance, who in all regard should have won)... Here's a video for "Brotherhood of Men."