Micro Lesson 068: "D Major" II, V, I Jazz Lick

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"Micro-Lesson 068" 

This Micro Lesson is in the key of, "D Major,"and explores a Jazz phrase for use on a II, V, I progression. 

This guitar melody works on a jazz phrase that can be used to cover the popular progression of, "II, V, I." 

These chord movements occur in nearly every traditional jazz piece. Therefore, any guitarist interested in Jazz needs to comprehend both the analysis and the chord tone relationships of phrases like this in order to be able to play over the jazz style harmonies. 

In this example, the "II, V, I," is situated within the key of "D Major." The "II" is the key's second chord of, "Em7." The "V" is the keys fifth chord of, "A7." And, the idea of the "I" chord is that it is simply the keys "tonal center, (sometimes referred to improperly as the keys Root. The 'root' designates the naming note of a chord. the term, 'Tonic' refers to the naming note of a scale. And, the term, 'Tonal Center' refers to the naming note of a key). 

The chord tones of this, or any other jazz phrase, will directly connect to the flow of these jazz melody lines. Be sure to analyze each chord tone relationship in the lick in order to fully comprehend the part. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 068: "D Major" II, V, I Jazz Lick