Micro Lesson 076: "D Major" Country-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 076"

This Micro Lesson covers the style of Country-Rock with a  eighth country swing feel. 

The riff is in the key of "D Major" and operates between 7th and 11th positions. Slides are applied to double-stops as a way to highlight the riff. The pattern of double-stops (2-note chords) continues along the neck into seventh position. 

The best technique (playing approach) for this riff is to use hybrid picking for a majority of the parts. The "string-snap" associated to the hybrid finger-attack will fit the overall style this riff perfectly. 

Where the "D5" chord is noted on the chart, a rhythm guitarist could also perform a typical country boogie guitar part to fit nicely with this line. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 076: "D Major" Country-Rock Riff