Micro Lesson 067: "A Minor" Celtic Style Melody

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"Micro-Lesson 067" 

This Micro Lesson uses the, "A Minor," scale to create a Celtic Style Melody. 

The melody has an important "Irish swing" feel played across a rhythmic pattern made up primarily of eighth-notes. The Irish, (or Scottish) swing feel is different than a traditional Jazz swing. The Irish style has a bounce that carries each phrase and without this concept the melody will fall flat.

Aside from the unique Celtic meter, this Celtic melodic idea also employs some sixteenth-note triplets, as well as, a thirty-second note pull-off idea.  It is vital that these techniques be executed very smoothly and effortlessly.

Take note that the combinations of these unique rhythmic patterns are highly important to this style. And, they should be studied and rehearsed to achieve the best possible feel.

The fret-board layout of this melody moves between 7th position to the 2nd position using slides and hammer-on pull-offs. Take your time learning fingerings and location.

The most important element of this music is to generate a strong Irish swing so that the feel is accurate to the tradition of the style. Listen closely to the "Up to Speed" example in the video lesson for properly developing this feel. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 067: "A Minor" Celtic Style Melody