Micro Lesson 080: "E Mixolydian" Funk Guitar Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 080"

This Micro Lesson is set into a funky sixteenth-note groove using chords closely surrounding the "E Dominant 7th" and it's extensions. 

The first section of the riff involves chord qualities related to the, "E Dominant 9th," chord. Strict sixteenth-note strumming and scratch feels give way to a small shift in the chords voicing on the second string. This shift introduces a suspended color. 

The color of the chord harmony shifts in measure two when two different positions of the "E9" are applied. Take care in the attack made on that low "E" open 6th string. Keep the dynamics (upon the 6th string) of your attack even with the attacks made to the upper register chords. The "E9" effect shifts over to the "E13" and returns to resolve the part. 

Memorize the groove and use a metronome or drum machine to keep good time. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 080: "E Mixolydian" Funk Guitar Groove