Micro Lesson 081: "Key of B" Blues Guitar Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 081"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a fast paced Blues-based double-stop lick in the key of "B." 

This bluesy harmonized lick is best performed by using hybrid picking, or with finger-style. The lick applies a quick moving double-stop (two note chord) pattern from between the 5th through to the 1st strings. 

Be sure to prep for each attack by resting upon the two strings about to be used. It all has to happen quickly, so work at developing the technique smoothly for a good sound.

The bluesy feel is largely generated by the shuffle feel of the steady triplet meter. Pay special attention to the slides and to the flow of the triplet feel.  This effect will generate the best blues sound to really highlight the style.

The phrase moves very laterally across several positions, so work slowly at first and develop a solid sense of muscle memory for how the phrase needs to both feel and sound.

Have fun with this unique sound, and experiment with adding this phrase into your blues solos.

Micro Lesson 081: "Key of B" Blues Guitar Lick