Micro Lesson 072: "E Minor" Arpeggiated Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 072"

This Micro Lesson covers performing the harmony of a common minor key progression as arpeggiated chords. 

Each chord is broken into it's arpeggio /chord pattern with a short melodic statement applied at the end of each measure.

The progression is in "E" minor and follows the step-wise motion along a descending harmony through the key. The chord movements are; I, VII, VI, Vma. 

Melodic statements are included for each chord. In measures one, two and three the melodic ideas are occurring from the "E Minor" scale. In the fourth measure there is a diminished idea for covering the unique "Vma" chord. 

The coverage of the Vma chord, (Bma), is done using a diminished passage from the "E Harmonic Minor." 

It should also be mentioned that the "Cma," and "Bma" chords could be performed using the "thumb in the bass" technique to facilitate the bass-note on each chord. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 072: "E Minor" Arpeggiated Melody