Micro Lesson 075: "F# Minor" Sixteenth-Note Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 075"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a fast-paced Sixteenth-Note Lick in the key of "F# Minor." 

The lick starts out from the arpeggio built upon the sixth degree of the, "F# Minor" harmony. This sixth degree produces a, "D Major 7th" arpeggio. 

From there, the lick takes on a linear run across several fingerboard positions. The linear idea moves diatonic through "F# Minor," tracking the ninth to sixth position on the 3rd and 2nd strings. 

The end of the lick runs across the scale vertically in position (at 6th position) covering the scale across the 2nd through to 5th strings. 

The lick finally resolves into the "C#" (the fifth scale tone within "F# Minor"). This fifth degree is a strong chord tone, as well as, being one of the foundational tones of the key center.

The lick can be used in the  key of "F# Minor," (or it can be transposed to any other minor key). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 075: "F# Minor" Sixteenth-Note Lick