GuitarBlog: Minor Key Seventh Chords

GuitarBlog: Minor Key Seventh Chords...

In this weeks GuitarBlog we study a few unique minor key chords including, "Dominant Seventh," "Diminished Seventh," and, "Minor /Major Seventh." 

These chords can be quite specialized. And, in order to get a better idea of how they function within each of their own harmonic situations, it is important to spend time studying each of the scale harmonies from which these chords originate. 

Once the chords are well known, (and you've had time to test them in several chord progressions), you'll be able to begin using them more, (as well as, noticing them more) within different pieces of music.

Enjoy this week's Guitar Blog, and be sure to check out the related videos listed below!

Minor Key Seventh Chords

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"Minor Key Seventh Chords":