VIDEO: "Crazed Afro-man Guitarist" Punches Out a Woman During Guitar Solo...

There is a video starting to make the blog rounds this morning of Joseph Edgar Foreman, aka 'Rapper' Afro-man, laying down a devastating right-hook to a woman who got onstage during a free concert in Biloxi, Mississippi, and began dancing with him in the middle of his guitar solo.

Foreman was obviously arrested for assault but has since been released on a $330 bond.

He claimed he was unaware as to if it was a man or a woman, but that he instinctively reacted to someone invading his stage. You can see video of the incident above, but trigger Warning: It vividly depicts a woman being punched in the face. 

Afroman is best known for his early-millennium hit “Because I Got High,” probably being played inside a frat house near you right now.

So what do you think? Do musicians have the right to attack audience members who get onstage without permission, (it's happened to me many times over - see video below at 08:20) ...or, do you think Afro-man was taking this way over the line?


  1. This guy is last named "Foreman" Like the boxer, Any Relation?

  2. This Afro-man fella is a woman beater freak. Then again, why the fuck to idiots get on-stage. Anyway, she didn't deserve a broken jaw. The whole situations fucked up.

  3. Personally I think that he was completely in the wrong and that somebody should have walked on the stage and done the same to him. People getting up on stage is a known hazard but there are right and wrong ways of dealing with it and this is the wrong way. Tells you a lot about the guy, it's a form of arrogance, and if he hits out like that without knowing who or what he is hitting out at then should he even be on stage.

    1. Totally agree with you. I watched Andrew's video of the same thing with a girl up on stage (drunk) and he's a perfect gentleman, Andrew's smiling laughing hamming it up w/her, a true professional entertainer. Why someone would punch a person (and a women no less) is so stupid.

    2. This guy shoudlve had no bail- the slight pause before the haymaker, tells me he knew who he was hitting...with domestic violence becoming an issue w athletes and locals...we have to be a little harsher with these cases...the abuse arent even smacks, theyre closed fisted punches!! In public nontheless...examples need to be set, not just a public apology