Micro Lesson 099: "G Minor" Harmonic Minor Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 099"

This Micro Lesson covers a Harmonic Minor Scale Lick in the key of, "G Minor." 

The lick runs across several positions. Starting at the fifth position, we develop the first section of the lick off of the, "G" Root on the 4th string. Since one of our unique color tones of the Harmonic Minor Scale is the raised seventh, (F#), the lick begins from pushing between that raised seventh tone and the scales tonic note, (G). 

The lick then travels up into the 7th position where we find another interaction between the, "G," as well as, the 6th scale tone, and the raised 7th tone of, "F#." The distance between the 6th and the raised 7th is unique sounding in Harmonic Minor since it generates an interval of an "Augmented 2nd."

The final part of this lick operates up in the 11th position. Here we have further interaction between the tonic note of "G" and that raised seventh of "F#." Enjoy working with the amazing sounds of the Harmonic Minor Scale!

Micro Lesson 099: "G Minor" Harmonic Minor Lick