Micro Lesson 090: "A Major" Pop-Ballad Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 090"

This Micro Lesson works through several different voicings and inversions of "A Major" chords to create an interesting Pop-Ballad progression. 

The unique application of five different versions of the "A" chord within the key of "A Major" (spread across three measures) creates not only a solid anchor to the key center, but is also done in such a way as to generate a very interesting flow across the chord harmony. 

Measures one and two generate "A" type chords of; "A5," "A Major Triad," and "A Major 9," chord voicings. 

Measure three uses an arpeggio approach to cover the tones of the second inversion of, "A major," (A/C#). 

The fourth measure operates as a turnaround measure using "E Major" to help pull in (cadence) the tonic chord once again helping to loop the progression. 

Try performing the progression with both Hybrid and Finger-style (Classical) picking technique. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 090: "A Major" Pop-Ballad Progression