GuitarBlog: Two-String Scale Ideas...

GuitarBlog: Two-String Scale Ideas...

In this weeks GuitarBlog we will be working through a number of Two-String scale ideas for playing melodic lines and for soloing.

To start with, players will learn how to comprehend how they can establish a method for learning different two string scales. A method is introduced on to establish how the basic alignment of a particular two string scale you'd want to use. How it would sit on the neck, as well as, what differs with it's function are discussed.

Then, we'll cover how to create an interesting melodic phrase, (and the importance of committing both the fingering and it's neck pattern to memory). 

In no time at all, you'll be able to use these ideas around your own fingerboard and apply them to start composing your own "two string scale" melodic ideas. With a little extra effort, you could also begin using them in your solos.
Enjoy this week's Guitar Blog, and be sure to check out the related videos listed below!

Two String Scale Ideas

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