Micro Lesson 089: "Eb Major" Smooth Jazz Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 089"

This Micro Lesson covers a Smooth Jazz Chord Progression in the key of "Eb Major." 

The progression operates between the use of seventh and extended chords plus adds an arpeggiated melody. 

From measure one, we move through an, "Eb maj.7," and extend it out to a major9 chord. Measure two covers two chords, (the VI and IV), from the key center, ("Gm7" and "Abmaj7"). In measure three we establish the melodic statement built from the tones of an "Abmaj13" arpeggio. In measure four we wrap up the progression on the "Fm7," into "Bb13." This final chord set applies the popular "II - V" harmony that can pull the progression back into the root chord and loop the changes. 

Take your time on the fingerings and try playing it by using both a guitar pick, as well as, by fingerstyle. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 089: "Eb Major" Smooth Jazz Progression