GuitarBlog: How to Arrange a Guitar Solo...

GuitarBlog: How to Arrange a Guitar Solo...

This weeks GuitarBlog discusses the ideas surrounding the arrangement of guitar solos. 

Once the solo kicks in, you'll need to have a flow, a direction, and a style for it. Having a plan in place, that includes an arrangement, (so that you can roll into new directions and continue jamming out ideas in a connected way), will go a long way to get you through the rest of the chord changes that you're playing over. 

In this video lesson we'll explore several areas starting with; "Having a Framework for The Solo." A framework allows you to understand everything from starting points to string sets and fingerboard range.  

We'll also discuss how to, "Change-up Ideas so they Sound Different." This is great for taking one lick and expanding it into all kinds of new directions, (one of the main principles of good phrasing). 

We'll also cover the importance of, "Preparation," before hitting the stage, or going into the recording studio. Being prepared helps us fully understand how we want to approach a lead guitar solo and will always benefit the final performance of every improvisation. 

How to Arrange a Guitar Solo:

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