Johnny Depp Plays Guitar Solo on the New Butch Walker Album...

A behind-the-scenes video has been released on the making of Butch Walker's recently-released album Afraid of Ghosts. In the video, we find out that actor Johnny Depp was part of a small group of studio musicians that played on the album.

And, that Depp had actually been specifically brought in to perform a guitar solo on the album.

Country musician Ryan Adams served as producer on the LP and invited Depp to the sessions, only telling Walker that his buddy "J Dizzle" would be coming by the studio.

Much to Walker's surprise, the J Dizzle in question was the Hollywood A-list actor, and the video captures Depp playing a guitar solo on the track; '21+'.

What do you think of Depp's guitar playing? Can he shred with the best, or is he just another Hollywood A-list star who easily uses his fame and fortune to "play" musician in between major Hollywood film roles?

Skip to [04:22] to hear Depp's solo.

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