Micro Lesson 097: "G Major" Folk Fingerstyle Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 097"

This Micro Lesson introduces a fingerstyle guitar melody idea in the key of "G Major." 

The melody operates around a Folk style picking concept similar to those used by artists like, Dan Fogelberg, in his song, "Leader of the Band."

The pattern is simply tracking chord tones of the "C," and "G" Major chords. However, a consistent pattern (as we would find in a song like 'Dust in the Wind'), is not in use here. In this melody the patterns will alter. 

Root notes are generally applied within the bass of each chord with the harmony flipping from "C Major" to the "G Major" in each measure. The plucking hand is employing traditional Classical Guitar Fingerpicking Technique. This will involve the use of the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers across the string sets. 

Work slowly to develop a nice smooth fingerpicked feel. Use a metronome to develop speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson  097: "G Major" Folk Fingerstyle Melody