Micro Lesson 091: "C Major" 16th-Note Guitar Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 091"

This Micro Lesson involves a fast 16th-Note two-bar phrase in the key of "C Major." 

The lick applies several pull-off and slide techniques to quickly shift along the neck running across multiple fretboard positions.

Beginning on the first string in the 7th position, we start with a "G" major arpeggio that includes some scale passing tones for help with filling in the structure of the lick. 

Next, the line moves along 2nd and 1st strings using a series of slides to connect the positions. Once the line hits 12th position it begins to target into the sounds of the "C Major" tonality. This occurs by way of a mix of chord tones from the "C Major" arpeggio and "C Major" Pentatonic Scale. 

The final resolution of the lick occurs into the fourth beat of the second bar where we resolve into the tonal center and Key Center note of, "C." Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 091: "C Major" 16th-Note Guitar Lick


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