Micro Lesson 086: "Key of A" Early-Rock /Blues Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 086"

This Micro Lesson explores an interesting two-note chord riff in the key of "A." 

This technique is often called performing a two-note run. It applies a popular guitar sound commonly referred to as a "Double-Stop Chord." The licks and riffs created using this technique will generally remain within a position and will outline chords. 

In this example, the harmony follows four chords. In measure one and two, we outline the, "A" and, "D" major chords. In the third and fourth measures we outline, "E" and, "A" major while the, "Bm" and, another "A" major create the turnaround measure. 

The riff is a lot of fun to both play and practice, and it works well to create really beefy rhythm parts. I would recommend playing the two-note chords with, "Hybrid," (pick and fingers) technique. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 086: "Key of A" Early-Rock /Blues Riff


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