Micro Lesson 085: "C Major" Folk Fingerstyle Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 085"

This Micro Lesson covers a fingerstyle guitar harmony from the key of "C Major." 

The harmony is a very popular chord movement of "VI-II-V-I." This chord progression is one of the most common harmonic movements in music. However when listening to the melodic contour of this fingerstyle number, you'd almost never guess that this harmony rides though the changes. 

In the first measure the "Am" chord is highlighted across the top five strings with an inverted outline arpeggiating the second measure's "Dm" chord. 

In measure three the "Dm" moves into both "G" and "G7" chords finally resolving into the tonic chord harmonized as "Cmaj.7." 

Apply traditional "Classical" guitar finger-picked technique when performing the part. Work with a metronome to attain good balance and speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 085: "C Major" Folk Fingerstyle Melody


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