Micro Lesson 084: "E Minor" Pop-Rock Ballad

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 084"

This Micro Lesson jams out on a Pop-Rock Ballad in the key of, "E Minor." 

The chord progression applies a common; I, VII, VI Minor key drop-down in the first three measures. 

Measure four is unique in that it uses "G" "C" and "D" arpeggio ideas to turn the phrase around back to the top.

Each measure of the ballad begins by clearly establishing the chord with the musical phrase then moving into double-stop ideas or single-note ideas. 

The effect is strong, pulling the listener along anticipating each new melodic concept in each new bar of music. The phrase can easily be performed using a pick, but Hybrid can also work for various parts of this line as well. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 084: "E Minor" Pop-Rock Ballad


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